Tuesday, November 12, 2013

heart broken

it is painful feeling..yeap heart broken..heart broken from:
i can see u but i can't talk to you
i want to talk to you badly but i scared...scared that you will not reply
i want you to realize bout my presence, but seem like you did not realize it at all
i gain strength to talk to you but then you replied it, but not like what i expect to
i miss you but i can't express it

Monday, November 11, 2013

feel like being left out

u brought me me here but then u left me
u said it gonna be fine but then i feel awkward
u said all of us gonna be okay but i think we're not
i'm try to involved but then i feel like i was left out
not only that, even i feel both of us were not closed like before
becoming more awkward to be with u
sometime it make me feel, i was abandoned
feel like i was not deserved and not accepted to be here
feel like i was not good as all of u
before u share ur story with me, but now u dont
u only share ur feeling that u couldnt tell other because it gonna be serious thing
how i want to overcome this???
this feeling of being left out was seriously killing me
until when i can hold this?until when i can stand with this?
should i just keep holding this grudge?i dont think i can