Monday, August 17, 2015

new bias

I think most all kpopers must know do I even at first, I'm paying zero attention to them...and I keep on interested to different members everytime i watch them until finally, here he is...Kim Minseok a.k.a Xiumin...wae i like him?  hurmmm let see

1) he's cute

2) he's manly ( especially in 2015..well, i bet all EXO fans aware about what happen in EX'luxion right?)hahaha

3) he can dance well and....he can RAP! plus he also the vocalist right?  Even he didn't get much line in their song but still, he can sing and he can rap..AND he can dance too..well, he's multitalented

4) he can do aegyo well and too natural..too natural...even i think, he has more aegyo than sehun..haha

5) he is strongest in his group...well, like the reason before, he is sang namja...hahaha

6) he can do high tone very very well...yes he is...

7) he has single eye lid...and he has beautiful feature...i mean his face...almond shape eyes,  and a baozi ( steam bun or in Malaysia, we called as kuih pau, haha) cheeks

*the most beautiful eyes i had see*

8)  even though he is not in same year with me but he is a little bit older than me (yeah, sometime, i really do care about the ages, haha)

9) he desires in losing weight...wowwwwww....serious a woowwwwwww...i was shocked first when i saw his predebut picture...since i start know EXO in last 2014, so totally after growl and wolf era which i can see clearly his weight loss

10) he maybe not a talkative person but EXO M said he is the funniest in his group...well, actually, i think he is...

11) his smile thou

*plus a happy baozi*

all the pics are credit to the owners..