Thursday, January 27, 2011


what happen 2 me????why lately nie ak asyik nak meletup??nak marah2??nak badmood2???dah lama ak xjadi cmnie..for quite long tyme...know why??because i'm heart felt like wanted to blow out...exploded...why??because i can't stand it is not bout i'm frustrated or what..once..i want dis person to be in my shoe...i want dia person to felt how we felt when be treated like that..treated like useless, being ignored, being like we're nothing..i really want dis person to felt it...not only me trough it..but a few of us...along dis...i just try to ignored it...i kept it shut...didn;t speak it out..but until when????!!!!!everyone knew who i am..what kind of person i am..i;m not a patience had come to the top..FINE!!!i get it...just i didn't become worst..i don't wanted to get fighted with anybody...i don't want anybody felt awkward wit just need somebody to be with calm myself...i'm really hurt u know???aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!i don't know to speak out dis thing to whom...i don't have anyone for me to share dis problem, dis feelings...i want somebody to lend their shoulder for me....arrgghhhh...i relly hate dis feeling..but i;m a human..that have,,,what u expected???expected me to just keep quite????just sit down properly without do anything???i can do it..but then..i need someone to prevent me done anything wrong,crazy or bad...seriously...i really can't stand it anymore....i don't want to cry but how bout my heart??its hurt for a long time....pleaseee....;(

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