Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i want to give you haengbok


i never once forget you, i thought only of you

then how about you? did you forget me?

tears fall from my eyes i felt betrayed
i thought of finding you

i, i don't really know

in my eyes you are the only one in the world

i am here for you

i don't have anything to say except that i can't go on!

i don't have tears and feeling!

look at me as i stand in front of you
i who lives for you alone
the time has come for us to meet as you stood crying nervously in front of me

i dried your tears and i held you're hand

i'm going to rise and give you happiness

with my eyes, i long for you. in my heart, i've found you. i can see the light that brighten me

i can't let go of the eternal happiness. can you see me? call my name, i'll be by your side

i will stay because i love you! let's be together you and me forever
the happiness that the blue bird give is always near to us

let's be together, you and me forever

sweet tak lagu nie????sweet kan???bila tahu lirik dia...baru paham r ke'sweet'an lagu tu... nie lagu dari group suju...lagu korea and meaning dia in english tu r...haengbok 2 dalam english is happiness..dia punya lirik best gak r, lagu nie aku nak dedicate to my bff and my friend...sebab lagu nie cam kena tepat2 je kat persahabatan kita kan3???well moge2 we will stick together and be together forever...

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  1. luv dat moment..abis lah..yana da jandi hantu suju :)