Thursday, November 10, 2011

special note

short special note that i get from my bff.....=D

if i got a chance to join the WE GOT MARRIED...i'm hoping that my pretty lady is you

if i was in RUNNING MAN...i would choose you to be my best running partner in my whole life

if i was in GOLD STAR BELL CHALLENGE...i would be in the S line n cheered up for you to fight against that lil child...hehehe

if i was in HELLO BABY...i was hoping u'd be my baby so that i can always protect u whenever or whatever u need to

if i was in EXPLORATION HUMAN BODY...i'll try my best to explore your heart n ur life so that im aware n keep updating what's up with u

if i am in SUJU HOUSE...i'll willingly be the 13th member so that i'll be the most favorite member and u'll be keeping a lot of my pics in ur blog..hehe

if i be LEETEUK....i would surely u'll be my only baby princess KANG SORA~shi...:)

if ur getting mad with me,,,i thinking about showing u SORRY SORRY dance for ya so that u'll automatically be my MR. SIMPLE.....^.^

maybe a few from it seen quite not suitable for me but gwenchana (its okay)...still it a best and sweet note....huhu

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